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Submit Your Music For Radio Airplay!

This will only submit to the Punk Rock Demonstration radio show.

You will receive a confirmation to the email address entered a few days after your submission. If you do not get a confirmation within 2 weeks, please contact me as your submission may not have gone through. The total size of your submission must not exceed 30MB and must be 128k bitrate mp3 or higher. Anything lower may be rejected.

We will only accept music from the original artist or their respective agents. DO NOT upload music that is not yours or that you (the musician) do not explicitly own the rights to. We respect all copyright laws and your music will not be released to any 3rd parties without your permission.

If you do not want your music played until after a certain date, you must specify that in the comments. All submission are subject to being played at any time after it was received.

Explicit songs are OK.

To send physical items, please click here.
To submit your band bio, please click here.

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